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Michael Gottlieb - Fox News Happening Now 1.2.2015

"We are allowed to use deadly defense tactics." -Michael Gottlieb

HLN with Nancy Grace 12.18.14

Schoolgirl snatched and held captive in a shipping container for 9 months. Nancy Grace and Michael Gottlieb discusses whether Nathaniel Kibby should receive bond before trial.

Teens in 2006 Homeless Beatings Entitled to New Trial - Sun Sentinel 11.19.2014

A new trial was ordered Wednesday for the second of three teenagers who used a baseball bat to beat and nearly kill a pair of homeless men in Fort Lauderdale in early 2006. "It's a wonderful legal victory," said Daugherty's attorney, Michael Gottlieb.

Professional Photographer Arrested for Child Porn - CBS News 4.9.2013

Mike Gottlieb discusses a photographer who gets arrested for having child pornography saved on his computer and for supposedly hiring a 15-year-old prostitute

Defensive Standpoints on 3 New Cases - HLN Now in America 7.23.13

Mike Gottlieb- HLN Now in America 7.23.13

12-Year-Old Murder Victim's Body Found - HLN Nancy Grace 8.21.13

Mike Gottlieb discusses a 12-year-old girl who got abducted from a playground and murdered. The body was found and the attacker is being brought to trial.

The Josh Young Trial - HLN Now in America 8.5.13

Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Gottlieb discusses the latest developments in the murder trial of Joshua Young. Contact Michael below: Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A.1311 S.E. Second AvenueFort Lauderdale, Florida 33316Phone: 954-462-1005Fax:

Bill for Tougher Paparazzi Law - CNN Newsroom 8.14.13

Mike Gottlieb discusses the proposed bill to prevent paparazzi from harming celebrities' children

Family Friend Kidnaps 16-Year-Old Girl - HLN Jane Velez-Mitchell 8.7.13

Mike Gottlieb discusses the kidnapping of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson by her father's "family friend"

Paula Deen and Teresa Giudice Legal Troubles - HLN Now in America 8.13.13

Mike Gottlieb discusses the racism charge against Paula Deen and the tax fraud charge against Teresa Giudice.

Andrea Sneiderman Jury Selection - HLN Morning Express 7.27.13

Mike Gottlieb discusses the jury selection process for the Andrea Sneiderman trial.

Should Castro Get a Plea Deal? - HLN Nancy Grace 7.25.13

Mike Gottlieb discusses whether Ariel Castro should get a plea deal

Zimmerman Trial Day 5 Testimony - Fox News 6.28.13

Michael Gottlieb discusses a witness testimony for the George Zimmerman trial

George Zimmerman Murder Trial Jury Deliberation - HLN Nancy Grace 7.13.13

Mike Gottlieb discusses the possible outcome of jury deliberation for the George Zimmerman murder trial.

Mike Gottlieb - Fox Business Network Money with Melissa Francis - 4.25.13

Mike Gottlieb discusses new Florida legislature that could potentially put a cap on alimony.

George Zimmerman's Defense - HLN Nancy Grace 6.25.13

Michael Gottlieb discusses George Zimmerman's defense strategy with Nancy Grace

Brett Seacat and Jodi Arias Murder Trials - HLN JVM 6.4.13

Mike Gottlieb discusses a defensive point of view on the Brett Seacat murder as well as the upcoming penalty phase of the Jodi Arias trial

HLN Nancy Grace 9/11

HLN Now 9/30

HLN Nancy Grace 10/2

Navy Yard Shooter - HLN Nancy Grace 9.17.13

Photographer Arrested for Child Porn - Local 10 News 9.13.13

Defensive Standpoints on Three New Cases - HLN Nancy Grace 10.10.13

Mother Tries to Sell Children on Facebook - HLN Nancy Grace 1.28.14

HLN Nancy Grace 4.9.14- Deadly mugging of young dad caught on tape