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Michael A. Gottlieb, Esquire

Michael A. Gottlieb has been practicing criminal defense lawyer since 1993. Prior to joining the Broward County (Florida) Public Defender’s Office, Mr. Gottlieb clerked at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office as a legal assistant. After three years as an Assistant Public Defender, Mr. Gottlieb formed his own firm.

As a criminal defense lawyer in Broward County, Florida, Mr. Gottlieb has handled thousands of cases and tried more then 100 criminal jury trials to verdict. Recently he has attained acquittals in State v. Mordon, Murder in the First Degree, State v. Green, Attempted Murder in the First Degree of a Law Enforcement Officer, State v. Johnson, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.

Mr. Gottlieb has also successfully had many cases dismissed by pre-trial motion such as State v. Smorgala, Trafficking in Oxycodone and State v. Morello, Possession of Cocaine among numerous others. Michael Gottlieb is experienced in vigorously seeking out critical deficiencies that weaken the prosecution’s case against you and possibly avoid a trial altogether.

Mr. Gottlieb is rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell. He is happily married and has two children.

Clark Alan Strandell, Esquire

Clark Alan Strandell began his career as an attorney in 2005 with the Law Office of the Broward County Public Defender. For the next several years he defended those accused of committing crimes. While employed as an Assistant Public Defender, Mr. Strandell tried over 50 jury trials to completion.

Prior to becoming an Assistant Public Defender, Mr. Strandell graduated from Florida State University. While at F.S.U., Clark was a member of the elite Florida State cheerleading squad.

Following his graduation from F.S.U., Mr. Strandell pursued a law degree from Nova Southeastern University. After attaining his education, Mr. Strandell continued honing his legal expertise and was awarded a full scholarship to Gerry Spence’s intensive Trial Lawyers College. As a result of this additional educational experience, Mr. Strandell became well versed in defending clients against corporate and government oppression.

In 2011, Mr. Strandell joined Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., as an associate lawyer. While working in conjunction with Mr. Gottlieb, the two have enjoyed numerous successes in formulating motions and winning strategies to help their clientele win suppressions and dismissals in State and Federal Court. Mr. Strandell works with Mr. Gottlieb, with both lawyers reviewing each and every aspect of their clients’ cases thus affording each client the opportunity to have two lawyers reviewing their cases. This formula has proven successful and will continue to provide the law firm with winning strategies moving forward.

Should you ever find yourself being charged criminally, it is wise to hire an aggressive and knowledgeable criminal attorney, such as Mr. Strandell for legal assistance and representation. Set up a free consultation with Clark Alan Strandell to help insure that your rights are properly protected.

Craig J. Trocino, Esquire

of Counsel

Craig J. Trocino is Accomplished AV® rated appellate attorney with a proven ability as an advocate in more than 200 appellate matters in state and federal courts. He has significant experience in a wide variety of cases including criminal appeals, federal sentencing matters, extraordinary writs, capital habeas litigation and civil appeals. He has handled appellate cases throughout Florida and has appeared before, Florida’s Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth District Courts of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Florida and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.  Mr. Trocino is a published author having written on topics ranging from comparative law to scientific evidence and is the author of the chapter Jurisdiction and Review in the Florida Bar’s book, Florida Appellate Practice 8th Edition. He has also presented numerous lectures in the United States, Australia and Spain on scientific evidence and wrongful conviction issues.  Mr. Trocino continues to concentrate his practice in Criminal Appeals, Civil Appeals, Extraordinary Writs and Postconviction Litigation.

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