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Understanding the differences between a first- and second-offense DUI

There is a certain similarity to many of the back-stories relating to first-offense DUIs. Indeed, many people had just one more drink than they normally do or thought they had waited just long enough for their body to metabolize the alcohol in their system.

New bill aimed at addressing sexual assault on college campuses

In the wake of several high-profile cases involving sexual assaults on college campuses, much of the nation has become entangled in a heated debate over how colleges should handle sexual assault cases. As you may be well aware, both sides have weighed in on the issue, presenting cases for what they think is the right solution.

Some important notes about expunging a DUI charge

The incredible weight of a criminal charge can make it very difficult for anyone to try to move on from this unfortunate chapter in their life. They made a mistake and they want to learn from it -- but they can't because of the stigma they carry as a result of their criminal charge. The literal punishment from the offense can sometimes pale in comparison to the indirect consequences of the offense: an inability to retain or find a job, the loss of their driver's license, and difficult finding a suitable place to live.

Is the crackdown on prescription drugs hurting patients?

Several years ago, law enforcement agencies throughout Florida joined forces with the Drug Enforcement Administration to crack down on over 250 facilities -- or "pill mills" -- where health care professionals were allegedly selling large amounts of prescription narcotics in exchange for sizeable amounts of cash.

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