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Can I successfully fight a sex crime charge?

If you have recently been charged with a sex crime, you probably realized quite quickly that you are in serious trouble. Your future and your freedom may be at stake. You may find that the media has latched onto the story and that you have already been found guilty in the court of public opinion.

The truth is that you can successfully fight a sex crime charge. While there are no guarantees, there are some things you can do to help. For example, seeking legal assistance as soon as you realize you are being investigated or as soon as possible after an arrest is vitally important. It is possible that an experienced attorney could be able to resolve the charges quickly, which could help salvage your reputation.

Because of the stigma associated with sex crime charges, developing a solid defense strategy is also crucial. There are defenses that can be used against these types of charges, including:

-- A claim of innocence

-- Consent

-- Insanity or mental incapacity

-- Alibi

Some of these defense strategies will not work for certain sex crime charges, such as charges involving a child. At Michael A. Gottlieb P.A., we are experienced defense attorneys and we have successfully defended clients accused of sex crimes. We know how to build a strong defense case and we will work with you to do in your case.

While this might be a very troubling and even frightening time for you, we can help. To learn more about defending yourself against sex crime charges, please visit our webpages on the topics.

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