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How much does a Florida DUI raise your auto insurance rates?

As a resident of Florida facing a driving under the influence charge, you may have serious concerns about the consequences and how a conviction may otherwise impact many aspects of your life. A Florida DUI conviction typically brings with it substantial penalties. While some of these penalties come from the state’s criminal justice system, there are also serious consequences that come from outside of it.

More specifically, while Florida’s first-time DUI offenders may have to pay fines, serve time, perform community service and surrender their licenses, they will also typically face certain hardships relating to crimes that come from outside the justice system. One such hardship you will almost surely face following a DUI conviction, per Insure.com, is a sharp increase in automotive insurance costs.

The cost of insurance coverage can skyrocket

So, how much can a driver expect his or her auto insurance costs to rise after a first-time DUI? While there will be some variation as to how much your auto insurance rates rise based on circumstances such as where you live and your driving record before the DUI, nationally, motorists generally see their rates skyrocket between roughly 28 and 370 percent.

In Florida, specifically, drivers without DUIs on their driving records pay an average of $2,250 every year for car insurance. Once a driver has a DUI conviction on his or her record, though, this number climbs to $3,614, which is a 61 percent increase and makes for an annual difference of $1,364.

While coming up with an extra $1,364 can be difficult, it may prove even more so when trying to cover other expenses relating to your arrest, such as fines. Furthermore, you may have trouble holding down your job if you cannot drive. This can make paying for the insurance increase even more difficult and is just one reason you may want to fight a DUI charge.

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