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3 DUI myths to stop believing

It is no secret that drunk driving is a serious problem. Approximately 10,000 lives are lost in the U.S. every year due to drunk driving accidents. Even when impairment does not result in bodily injury or death, it can end with harsh punishment and consequences, such as hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines, imprisonment, impounding your car, driver's license revocation and rising auto insurance rates.

Unfortunately, there are many popular myths about drunk driving that can lead people to make questionable decisions. Do not buy into the harmful misconceptions below. 

Myth #1: As long as I drive carefully, I will be fine

You may assume you can drive safely even while you are impaired. Not only is this untrue, given how much alcohol impacts your ability to drive, but it also is not an accurate belief in general. For example, you never know when you will encounter a DUI checkpoint or police will pull you over for another reason, such as a broken taillight. 

Myth #2: I must be driving to get a DUI charge

While this may be a widespread belief, it is not true. If a police officer spots you driving on the road, sees you park and notices you stumbling out of your vehicle, you may still be charged. All the police need to know is that you were driving recently while drunk. They do not actually need to catch you in the act.

Myth #3: It is impossible to beat a DUI charge

With how seriously the criminal justice system takes drunk driving, it may be easy to believe it is next to impossible to fight a DUI charge. But a good defense may result in the prosecutor reducing or dropping the charges. There are many factors that can help you beat a DUI charge, such as showing improper administration of a BAC test or lack of probable cause. 

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