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How to prevent your teen from abusing prescription drugs

When you have small children, you likely take precautions to keep medications away from them to prevent poisoning or overdoses. You may have a more relaxed approach when your children become teenagers. But prescription drug abuse among teenagers is the most prevalent problem out of these two.

Adolescents are the most likely group to misuse or abuse drugs. Approximately 20 percent of teens in the U.S. have abused prescription medications. This can result in both medical and legal trouble for you and your teen. So how do you keep your teens safe from prescription drugs? Here are a few tips. 

Store medications securely

If you keep large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry in your home, chances are they are in some secure place. You should take the same approach to your prescriptions. If you suspect your teen is misusing your medications, you may need to go as far as to lock them away in a cabinet. 

Keep track of your medications

Are you aware of all the prescriptions in your home? Are you able to tell if any pills are missing? From now on, make sure you are confident in saying "yes" to both of these questions. Monitor how many pills are in your bottles and track your refills. If you keep needing to refill your medications more often than you should, this could be a red flag. 

Dispose of medications properly

Sometimes, your prescription drugs may expire or go unused. Maybe your doctor comes to the conclusion that you can wean off of your drugs or you simply needed them for a temporary period of time. The exact way to dispose of drugs depends on a variety of factors, including the instructions on the bottle and the availability of take-back options. The FDA website has some helpful information on how to safely get rid of unused and expired medicine.

What if your teen is already abusing prescription drugs?

Getting medical help for your teen is critical. If your son or daughter has been arrested for a prescription drug crime, you will want to seek legal counsel.

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