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A good defense helps if you're accused of possessing drugs

You thought nothing would go wrong the one time you decided you wanted to try taking drugs. You've been in pain following a surgery, and you ran out of opiates. What's the harm in taking something you were previously prescribed? Why is that such a big deal?

Governor calls for restrictions on opioids to eliminate epidemic

In an effort to combat the opioid epidemic spreading throughout the state, Governor Rick Scott has decided to seek time limits on opioid prescriptions. The new requirements would place a three-day limit on prescription opioids, unless there could be strict conditions for week-long supplies.

Marijuana could put freshmen football contracts at risk

Although marijuana is legal in several states and close to legalization in others, its use can still get you in trouble in Florida. If you know that a drug is still illegal in your state, then you should be aware that other state laws won't play a role in your case. Only the rules in your state can impact your case in most situations.

Fighting intent to distribute charges

There is a difference between charges of possession of drugs and possession with intent to distribute. The legal consequences of intending to distribute illegal drugs that are found in your possession can be significantly greater, even if there's no evidence that a person actually gave or sold them to other people. The degree of severity of the charges, however, depends on what kind of illegal drugs are found.

What are Florida's drug possession laws?

Drug possession laws in Florida make it a criminal offense to possess certain drugs without authorization within the country. For example, without a medical marijuana ID, it is illegal for people to carry marijuana within the state of Florida. Without a prescription, it is illegal to carry an opiate drug, like hydrocodone.

5 illnesses that may be treated with medical marijuana

As states all around the country debate the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing marijuana, many are unaware of the impact that medical marijuana can have on patients struggling with certain illnesses. With the Florida Medical Marijuana Legislation Initiative passing with approval from over 70 percent of voters, medical marijuana is now legal in Florida to treat certain illnesses.

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