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What elements are necessary to prove a murder charge?

First degree murder is the most serious criminal offense you can be charged with because it can result in the death penalty, or a lifetime sentence in prison. As such, those accused of this crime will want to review the evidence and information being brought against them carefully to illuminate any flaws in the prosecution's presentation of the facts.

Keep your hands to yourself to avoid battery charges

Growing up, many people were told to keep their hands to themselves. This basic kindergarten rule can also help keep adults out of legal trouble. If you keep your hands, feet and anything attached to you to yourself, you aren't likely to have to face the court for a battery charge.

Arson: The malicious fire that can lead to prison

When you found a building burning nearby, you stopped to watch. You assumed someone else had called for help. When the police arrived, they began to question you. Suddenly, you realize that someone who saw you there believed that you were the one who started the fire.

Violent crimes charges require a carefully planned defense

As we recently noted, the new attorney general is placing a focus on violent crimes. These crimes are often ones that have very serious penalties. If you are facing charges for a crime of violence, you need to get to work today so that you don't have to try to throw a defense strategy together the night before a trial.

New attorney general focusing on violent crimes

New U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has indicated that he is going to make changes that will mean harsher sentences for those convicted of violent crimes as well as drug crimes. He's already instructed federal prosecutors around the country to "address the problem of violent crime in your district."

These factors could make your assault charge aggravated assault

Aggravated assault is identified as a more serious assault on a person. For example, using a deadly weapon to attack someone would be considered more dangerous than using your fists. Assaults that happen in a victim's home may also classify as aggravated assault.

Evidence, pretrial resolutions, and other points in a defense

Florida laws place very serious penalties on many crimes. In the case of violent crimes, defendants can expect to face penalties including incarceration if they are convicted. Most defendants don't want to be pulled away from their families to serve that incarceration. While we can't promise the outcome of your case, we can work on your behalf to minimize the penalties that you might face if you are convicted.

What are some facts about violent crimes in the U.S.?

Violent crimes are horrible, but what is worse is being accused of one that you didn't commit willingly or at all. There are many reasons that people are shot, hit or injured, and not all are due to a person's violent tendencies or the want to harm another person.

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