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Talk to your sons about sexual assault as they head to college

As young people head off for their freshman year in college, parents have a number of concerns for their safety. Parents of daughters need to talk to them about how to avoid being sexually assaulted and what to do if it happens. However, parents whose sons who are starting college also need to discuss sexual harassment and assault.

Life as a registered sex offender isn't easy

Almost everyone knows that a person who is facing sex-related crimes will have to deal with some pretty strict requirements if they are convicted of the crime. The criminal justice system can impose penalties like incarceration and fines; however, some of the penalties that a person convicted of these crimes have to deal with might be those associated with having to register as a sex offender.

Why is indecent exposure a sex crime?

There are many times when people are accused of crimes that they did not commit or intend on committing. Sometimes allegations go too far, making a good person look like something he or she isn't. One allegation that can be threatening to your life and future is indecent exposure. You could be seen as a predator or be accused of sexual intentions you never had.

Can I successfully fight a sex crime charge?

If you have recently been charged with a sex crime, you probably realized quite quickly that you are in serious trouble. Your future and your freedom may be at stake. You may find that the media has latched onto the story and that you have already been found guilty in the court of public opinion.

Dealing with a false rape accusation

When someone is arrested on a sex crime charge, it immediately begins to affect his or her life. Even if the case doesn't result in a conviction, simply being accused of such a crime can affect someone's relationships with family and friends, his or her job and his or her overall reputation. A false accusation must be defended against, and aggressively so. Experienced criminal defense attorneys will work to present evidence that disputes such a charge and show that their clients are not guilty.

Why is one county looking to further limit housing options for sex offenders?

As we've made clear in previous discussions on our blog, those convicted of sex crimes here in Florida face a host of consequences outside of a prison sentence, fines and permanent criminal record. Indeed, they face potential lifetime registration with the state, a societal stigma that will make it difficult to find employment and residency restrictions that can greatly complicate living situations.

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