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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ft Lauderdale and Broward County

If you are facing charges in Fort Lauderdale or any part of Broward County, a criminal defense attorney can advise you through intricate legal proceedings and represent you in court. It is important to ensure that the Broward criminal attorney is educated and experienced in order to achieve the best outcome. Michael A. Gottlieb has the legal expertise necessary to properly represent anyone accused of a crime in a court of law.

If you are being charged with a DUI or any other criminal offense, it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer to represent you. An experienced professional can guide you through the complicated legal process and fight on your behalf. Gottlieb has assisted several clients through a variety of charges with his extensive knowledge and expertise.

Gottlieb’s intimate knowledge of the law has developed from years of litigation experience in Broward. If your case goes to trial, you can be at ease knowing that Gottlieb is handling your case. With his extensive experience, he knows how to successfully work every case.

To find an experienced and trustworthy Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney, you only need to make one call. Michael A. Gottlieb can provide you with all of the expert legal advice that you need. Call today for your free consultation.

Have You Been Arrested For a Criminal Offense?

If you are experiencing legal issues in Fort Lauderdale, a criminal attorney with the expertise and experience necessary to handle such cases is just a phone call away. Michael A. Gottlieb, Attorney at Law, represents all of his clients with extensive knowledge and understanding that must be present in a criminal defense lawyer FT Lauderdale.

It is important to understand that the legality of the arrest can be contested in court; your lawyer can question and dispute the grounds upon which your arrest was founded. The grounds for an arrest are often known as “probable cause.” An arrest should only be made after probable cause suggests that you have committed, are committing, or are about to commit a crime.

A determination of whether probable cause legitimately exists is based upon the complete survey of the circumstances surrounding your arrest. If there turns out to be no probable cause for your arrest, your Broward criminal lawyer may be able to file a motion to dismiss or suppress the charge against you. This situation may occur even if you were presented with a warrant. If there are deficiencies within the warrant which affect the determination of probable cause, then filing a motion to dismiss or suppress based upon those deficiencies may be successful.

Never Plead Guilty Before Consulting with Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Regardless of the state of your innocence, you should never plead guilty to any charges before consulting with a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer. Michael A. Gottlieb, Attorney at Law, will assist in protecting your constitutional rights. As one of the most trusted Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyers, Gottlieb always works tirelessly to make sure that your rights are respected within the legal system. Call today for your free consultation.

All About Criminal Law In Florida describes a few of the most common types of cases that come across the desk.

How Broward Criminal Lawyer Helps You

Your defense lawyer's job is to make sure you get a fair trial and protect your rights at all times. We will use current law and legal precedent to set up a solid strategy and build the best case to get you an acquittal. If there is a great deal of evidence that shows your innocence, we will also use it to your advantage. Our evidence investigation and collection can also turn up previously unknown witnesses and evidence as well as factors that may be used to build a stronger case.

An experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer will also assist you through the pre-trial phase when legal counsel is incredibly important. During this phase, we will guide you through our presentation of your case, the legal challenge, cross-examination and the questioning you will undergo. Finally, we can also assist you with the appeals process in the case that your trial does not have the desirable outcome. We will continue to fight for you and find grounds for an appeal.


My Goal is to Help You

Being charged with a crime can devastate your reputation and your livelihood. The goal of Michael A. Gottlieb, Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney, is to have your case dismissed using every option available, including negotiating with the State Attorney, diversion programs, motion practice or a trial, and upon dismissal to have your case removed from your permanent record.

You will be kept informed throughout the process as your case progresses, receiving continual counsel and advice. Michael A. Gottlieb believes that the only thing standing between you and the criminal justice system is your defense attorney. When you're facing serious criminal charges, you need a lawyer on your sie who understands the unique laws of Florida and who has argued criminal cases before local county, circuit and district court judges. Without the representation of a skilled and knowledgeable criminal lawyer, you are left helpess in any court. A good defense lawyer knows that every judge and prosecutor has a unique style, and what one judge may appreciate another will view as offensive. You must ensure you choose an attorney who has the understanding and years of experience of what needs to be done.

Free Consultation

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you need the experience and expertise of one of the top criminal attorneys in Fort Lauderdale. This firm offers a free one-on-one consultation to go over the facts and details of your case, obtaining all information necessary to start building an aggressive defense. We offer hands-on legal representation for every aspect of your case, including any administrative hearings before the DMV to save your driver's license in the case of a DUI or a serious moving violation.

At the law office of Michael A. Gottlieb, we handle a wide range of misdemeanor and felony cases for clients in and around the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County area. If you have been charged with a DUI, drug crime, violent crime or other criminal offense, contact an experienced criminal lawyer in Fort Lauderdale by calling us right away to schedule your free consultation.

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