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August 2016 Archives

Questions related to DUI law

Regardless of where you live in the United States, you know one thing to be true: It is illegal to drink and drive. If you are pulled over by police and found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, you will be arrested. Conversely, it's possible that you could be faced with a large fine and even time in jail.

Heroin charges produce serious penalties in Florida

Some people might know that Interstate 95, which runs through Florida, is a huge drug corridor. This means that many people who are handling drugs are likely going to face charges at some point. If you are caught with heroin in Florida, you are facing some very serious drug crime penalties.

How are assault and battery different?

Most people don't think about things like the difference between assault and battery until they or a loved one is charged with one of these crimes. There are different levels of both charges. However, any one of them can carry significant penalties here in Florida, including jail time and fines.

You can fight allegations of drug possession

Being charged with the possession of drugs is a serious allegation, as you're in a position where your entire future can depend on how you defend yourself. If you're found guilty, your career or even the ability to find a home could be put in jeopardy. Your attorney can help you build a strong defense that focuses on why you were or were not allegedly in possession of the drug and explain the circumstances that led up to your arrest.

A personalized defense strategy is crucial in federal cases

Federal criminal charges are some of the most difficult to build a defense against. The prosecutors who are spearheading these cases have the time and resources necessary to try to unearth every tiny shred of evidence in the case against you. That means that you have to work hard on your defense so that you can address the evidence against you.

Orlando man wrongfully arrested on drug charges plans to sue city

A 64-year-old Florida man is taking legal action against the city of Orlando after he was arrested by police officers who believed a substance found in his vehicle to be crystal methamphetamine. Although tests performed at the scene were positive for crystal meth, a later test by the state crime lab determined that the flakes spotted on the floorboard of the man's car were not an illegal substance.

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