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You Can Fight Allegations Of Drug Possession

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2016 | Drug Possession

Being charged with the possession of drugs is a serious allegation, as you’re in a position where your entire future can depend on how you defend yourself. If you’re found guilty, your career or even the ability to find a home could be put in jeopardy. Your attorney can help you build a strong defense that focuses on why you were or were not allegedly in possession of the drug and explain the circumstances that led up to your arrest.

Some possible defenses include unlawful search and seizure by law enforcement and claiming that the drugs belonged to someone else. With an unlawful search and seizure defense, you’re arguing that the officers who searched your vehicle or home did so unlawfully. For instance, if you were stopped for speeding and an officer opens your trunk without reasonable suspicion or your permission, you can argue that the officer violated your Fourth Amendment rights.

There’s always a chance that a friend or loved one has left drugs in your vehicle that you didn’t know were there, and that’s the story behind a defense suggesting the drugs aren’t yours. If you had no idea that drugs were in your vehicle, your attorney can claim that fact and state that the prosecution needs to prove that they were yours and did not belong to one of the other passengers.

Our website has more information on drug violations and what to do if you’ve been accused of drug possession. You’re not the only person who has been falsely accused, and there are ways you can fight back and retain your innocence and good reputation. Defending yourself from the moment of the first allegation is key to a solid defense.