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If you’re being investigated or have been arrested for a serious crime, it can feel as if you have lost control of large parts of your existence. Your freedom, your family, your finances, your career and your reputation can all be at risk. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the value of quick action is critical to minimizing the harm to you.

At Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., attorneys Michael Gottlieb and Clark Alan Strandell believe that the right to a fair trial is only possible when a client works with a skilled legal professional who stands with them. Both men worked for years as public defenders. In private practice, they represent clients charged with everything from first-time DUI to assault to money laundering, with a special emphasis on federal-level felonies and white collar crimes.

Our goal as a firm is to find the best resolution to your circumstances. We are always ready to go to trial if that is necessary. However, both of our attorneys are also capable negotiators and can often find solutions to your case that keep you out of the courtroom and ultimately out of jail.

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At Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., our attorneys don’t wait to see what the prosecution has to say about your charges. Their experience in Broward County, state and federal courts allows them to begin crafting your defense from the moment you call them – even if you haven’t been arrested yet.

Our clients enjoy the advantage of having Mr. Gottlieb and Mr. Strandell work together on almost every case the firm handles. They collaborate on defense strategies, evidence examination and sharpening their arguments in the case. This dual perspective provides additional insight into the best way to proceed and allows each client to benefit from the attorneys’ more than 35 years of collective experience.

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