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Bail Bonds

How Does The Court Determine Bail?

The court often requires a bond or payment before you are released from jail. Why a bail bond? The two reasons are to make sure you show up at future hearings and to protect the community from danger. At Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., our first priority is to get you out of jail. That requires a reasonable bond amount.

At your first appearance in Florida State or Federal court, our lawyers will make the best arguments to obtain a reasonable bond amount to secure pre-trial release. Depending on your case, you may even be released on your own recognizance – that is, without any need for a payment. If bond has already been set, there are ways we can fight for a bond reduction.

Relevant Factors At Bond Hearings

A judge will consider a laundry list of factors when deciding the amount of bail required to secure your release. Some of them include:

  • The nature of the charges
  • Your ties to the community, length of time at your residence, family ties, employment
  • Past conduct, including convictions or the failure to appear at a hearing

The judge may also add conditions of release, such as counseling or no victim contact. We can help obtain conditions that will help you or delete conditions that seem harmful.

We will answer any questions you have about bond and assist you with the process. Generally, you can work with a bail bond company and pay a portion of the amount. As long as you make all of your appearances, your collateral and possibly bond funds will be released.

You need a skilled attorney at your first appearance who will make the best arguments for you. Contact our Fort Lauderdale office by calling 954-355-7286 or emailing us, so we can immediately start to prepare your defense.