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Aggressive, Effective Defense From Violent Crime Charges

Were you arrested and charged with a violent crime in or near Fort Lauderdale? Your future hangs in the balance and significant prison time is a possible penalty. Get qualified legal counsel if you are facing criminal charges with extenuating circumstances such as the following:

  • A felony assault related to incidents that occurred during a fight
  • Assault for which you may bring stand-your-ground or self-defense arguments
  • Alleged burglary, robbery or murder, even though accusers may not be able to positively identify you

At the Fort Lauderdale law firm of Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., we have defended thousands of clients in Florida who were charged with violent crimes. We practice collaboratively focusing solely on criminal defense. We are devoted to protecting your constitutional rights.

Reasons To Choose Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A.

Do not entrust your case to just any lawyer. When the stakes are so high, you need a criminal defense attorney with experience handling serious charges. Choose a lawyer who has successfully managed similar cases. Investing in quality representation can affect the outcome of your case.

Our founding attorney has 30 years of experience and a depth of knowledge that is hard to find in Broward County. He has tried more than 150 criminal jury trials, including murder defense cases, throughout his career. Attorney Clark Alan Strandell has 18 years of criminal defense experience, also including many jury trials.

We Offer Resources And Dedication For The Sake Of Our Clients’ Futures

We have handled many high-profile violent cases in Broward County, and have the resources to aggressively defend you against first-degree homicide charges. Some of the cases we have handled have dealt with serious violent charges, such as:

If we take your case, our two attorneys will collaborate to provide direct and honest advice and effective methods throughout the criminal defense process. We will also be available to you whenever a question or concern arises.

Let Us Apply Our Teamwork To Your Defense

Our attorneys think outside the box when developing a tailored defense strategy specific to your case. They work together on cases with unparalleled dedication to address constitutional rights abuses. At Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., we know how to uncover and use such violations, along with weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, to your advantage.

To schedule an initial free consultation with us, call 954-355-7286 or complete our confidential online form.