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Aggressive Defense For RICO Charges

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act originally targeted organized crime. It also targets illegal activities such as bribery within legitimate organizations, such as businesses and federal government bodies and agencies. Racketeering and related offenses can trigger RICO investigations and prosecution when they come to light through whistleblowers or otherwise.

At Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., we offer valuable services for people in this region who may soon face RICO violation charges. A RICO investigation often requires close collaboration among investigators, state prosecutors and federal prosecutors. It is important to get legal counsel from attorneys such as ours who have extensive state and federal criminal defense experience. Our team of collaborative Fort Lauderdale-based white collar crime defense attorneys are here for you.

RICO Definitions And Methods Of Investigation

You may be implicated in a RICO investigation if your organization – perhaps a corporate or government employer – has been using illegally obtained income and/or using funds in illegal ways. You may realize that you took part in illegal activities unknowingly or you may have simply heard rumors about a relevant RICO investigation.

RICO cases are typically complex and may involve various forms of:

As investigations develop, anyone who may have played a part in racketeering activities, even without awareness, should get legal counsel immediately.

Prosecution of a RICO case close to you may put you at risk of criminal charges as well as liability in related civil litigation. No matter what the charges could be or what your role has been so far, you should get legal counsel at the first indication of trouble.

Turn To A Skilled White Collar Crime Attorney For RICO Defense

The penalties for a conviction in a RICO violation case are very harsh. You could go to prison, be fined severely and see your career end suddenly if you are found guilty of RICO violations. Getting in touch with a lawyer early in your case is essential.

With a good lawyer hard at work for you, you may have a chance. Without legal representation, your chances of a harsh outcome increase dramatically. Our attorneys have ample trial experience and often find the holes in state and federal prosecutors’ alleged evidence.

Get A Skilled Advocate On Your Side

For your own good, do not ignore or downplay RICO charges, allegations or rumors. You can close your eyes and hope that the trouble will go away, but this tactic will allow investigators and prosecutors to keep building a case against you. Act now and turn things around while you have time to do so.

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