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Vigorous Defense For Floridians Suspected Of White Collar Crimes

For a variety of reasons, Florida has a high rate of white collar crimes. Criminal charges of these types often begin with evidence of financial irregularities involving an organization such as a business, a nonprofit organization or a government agency. Suspicions and possible whistleblowing can then lead to lengthy investigations. If you are a target in such an investigation, your legal situation is very serious and you should not delay contacting an attorney.

At Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., in Fort Lauderdale, you will find lawyers with extensive experience representing clients under investigation for federal and state-level white collar crimes. We are well-equipped to represent you aggressively in a white collar crime case.

No Matter What State Or Federal Financial Offenses You Are Accused Of, We Can Help

White collar crime investigations often take months and even years to reach the point of arrests, indictments and convictions. Someone who is under investigation should not take this to mean that they “have time to think about what to do.” Quite the opposite. White collar crimes such as the following can result in severe penalties and lengthy sentences:

Harsh penalties sometimes include lengthy prison sentences and severe financial repercussions. As soon as you know or believe that you are under scrutiny and may potentially be charged with a white collar crime, you should get qualified legal counsel. Our law firm is an intelligent choice for people who are under suspicion.

The Benefit Of Our Team Approach In Your Fraud Defense Case

Attorney Gottlieb has 30 years of experience and serves on the judiciary committee of the Florida House of Representatives. Attorney Clark Alan Strandell has abundant jury trial experience. When you hire Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., for your white collar crime case, our team approach to criminal defense can be an advantage on your side.

Start now discussing defense strategies for your white collar crime case with one or both of our trial lawyers. Call us at 954-355-7286 or send a message.