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Take Back Control When Criminal Charges Threaten Your Future

If you are under investigation or have been arrested or charged on suspicion of a serious crime, your next steps can determine how your future will unfold. Will you reclaim your freedom to live and work wherever you please? Or might you go to jail and face huge fines? Will you keep your name clear or carry the burden of a criminal record? Whatever you do, don’t face the criminal justice system alone. Get a proven defense lawyer on your side to protect your good name.

At Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., in Fort Lauderdale, our two-person attorney team, Michael A. Gottlieb and Clark Alan Strandell, offer clients the opportunity to work with highly experienced defense attorneys. Each of us has years of experience and a solid track record of favorable outcomes.

Request legal counsel as soon as possible. Get out of jail or stay out of jail. Get a proven advocate on your case before negotiating with a prosecutor or standing before a judge and jury in a courtroom.

Our Goal For You: A Restored Future

If you enlist our services in a timely manner, we will go to work immediately to keep you out of jail with a reasonable bail, if necessary. after you have been accused of a crime such as:

  • A white collar offense, including money laundering, fraud, embezzlement or racketeering
  • A federal drug crime such as trafficking, or any federal crime
  • A drug- or alcohol-related crime, such as DUI, opioid possession without a prescription, manufacturing or distribution
  • A sex offense such as sexual assault or solicitation of a minor
  • Assault and battery, domestic violence or a violent crime

Attorneys Gottlieb and Strandell are both former public defenders with years of private practice under their belts. Together, they will work to discover the key to a promising defense strategy on your behalf.

Our Approach: Collaborative For Your Benefit

When you become a client of Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., you will have one attorney leading your case. With input from both of us, you will also benefit from the sum total of our extensive knowledge of criminal law in Florida. Attorney Gottlieb’s membership in the judiciary committee of the Florida House of Representatives speaks to his interests and involvement in this area of the law at multiple levels.

The next step is obvious when you have been accused or are under investigation in or near Fort Lauderdale. Contact Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A.. Call 954-355-7286 or send an email inquiry.