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Felony DUI

Felony DUI In Florida Broward County Dui Lawyer

Driving under the influence is a serious criminal offense. The state of Florida cracks down hard on DUI, especially repeat offenders. If you have been arrested numerous times for drunk driving, you could be facing elevated penalties and serious consequences. Do not put your future on the line. The Fort Lauderdale DUI defense lawyers at our firm understand the ins and outs of drunk driving laws and can prepare a strong defense for your case.

Felony DUI is much more serious than a regular DUI offense, which is why you need to retain a strong legal team today. Without aggressive representation on your side, you could be facing thousands of dollars in fines and numerous years behind bars.

What Is A Felony/Aggravated DUI?

If you have been convicted of DUI in the past, you may be seen as a habitual DUI offender. This means that you could be found guilty of felony DUI if you do not have the proper defense on your side. Having a felony on your record can be extremely damaging to your reputation and your future.

A Driver Can Be Charged With A Felony/Aggravated DUI If:

  • It is their third offense within ten years
  • It is a fourth offense (or more)
  • They caused serious injury to another while under the influence
  • They killed an individual due to a DUI car accident

You could be facing a first or second-degree felony for DUI manslaughter, making it an even more serious situation. Additionally, you will be subject to a minimum fine of $2,000 for a felony DUI. Even if it is not your third or fourth DUI offense, you could still face harsher penalties when there are aggravating factors. This may include a BAL above .15 or having a minor child in the vehicle.

If you are concerned about your DUI charges and need to start building a strategic defense, be sure to call on our firm. Our Broward County DUI Lawyer has more than 30 years of legal experience and is qualified to take on your case.

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