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Possession With Intent To Distribute

Drug Crimes Lawyer In Broward County

Possession with intent to distribute have you been arrested for drug possession? Are you being accused of intending to distribute drugs? You are facing serious consequences and should act as quickly as possible to fight your charges. Michael Gottlieb is a Broward County drug crimes lawyer and has more than 30 years of experience. He knows how to handle tough cases, even when the evidence is stacked against his clients. Give his firm a call today if you are ready to build your defense.

Whether you have been wrongfully accused or need to prove that the drugs were simply for personal or medical use, his firm is prepared to help. If you need a qualified legal advocate who can fight your charges, be sure to call on Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A.

Defending Possession With Intent Charges

In order to convict you of this crime, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you knowingly and willfully were in possession of the controlled substance and that you had the intent to distribute the substance to others. However, they do not have to obtain evidence of you attempting to sell the drugs, only demonstrate that you had intentions to. This means that if you are found in possession of a large quantity, the prosecution can use this factor alone to demonstrate your intent to distribute.

Our Firm Can Help You Utilize The Following Defenses:

  • You didn’t know the drugs were in your possession
  • You were simply in the presence of an individual in possession and had no control over the drugs
  • The drugs were purely for your personal use
  • The drugs were planted or left behind by your friend or acquaintance

Drug crimes are punished harshly in Florida, especially when they involve intent to distribute. Prosecutors and law enforcement are often seeking to crack down on supply lines or potential dealers who may be cropping up on the scene. If you are suspected to be a serious threat, they will do everything in their power to secure the maximum sentence against you. It is crucial that you fight your charges from the get go.

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