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Charged With A Sex Crime? Your Future Is On The Line.

Accusations of sex crimes can range from rumors to arrests followed by formal indictments and sentencing in courtrooms. At any stage of a sex crime defense case, you should consider your future to be under attack. You must defend your rights by all possible means. Getting an experienced lawyer on your side promptly is a vital first step to turning things around in your favor.

To mitigate the damage when you have been accused of a sex crime, get quality legal counsel right away.

How Your Attorney Can Protect Your Rights From The Start Of Your Case

Regardless of whether law enforcement agents or a prosecutor is involved, your case is serious as soon as it comes to light in any way. Being accused, investigated or arrested can cause immense personal harm. Being convicted brings even harsher consequences, including jail or prison time and sex offender registration requirements.

Reach out for counsel and assistance after being accused of any of the following:

  • Sexual battery, assault or rape
  • Solicitation, abuse or traveling to meet a minor to engage in sexual activities
  • Prostitution, solicitation of a prostitute or human trafficking
  • Indecent exposure and/or lewd or lascivious behavior
  • Internet sex crimes such as child pornography, solicitation of a minor or “sexting”
  • Failure to register as a sex offender or report address changes after being on a sex offender registry

If your alleged sex crime included transporting a minor or any alleged victim across state lines, your offense may be tried as a federal crime. An alleged sexual assault on a cruise ship that sailed from Fort Lauderdale may fall in this category.

No matter what struggles you are facing after becoming a suspect in a state or federal sex crime case such as those listed above, Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., is here for you. Our attorneys can help mitigate the damage by taking over public communications on your behalf. We can defend your interests if you have been named in a protective order after an alleged assault.

Turn To Defense Attorneys Who Stand Out And Will Stand Up For You

Our attorneys have years of criminal defense experience. Both have served as public defenders. They have a broader view of sex offenses and how they are prosecuted than attorneys without this experience. They also take a team approach to every sex crime defense case. Thus, you will benefit from two lawyers’ knowledge and insights, no matter which attorney leads the way in your case. Your reputation, freedom and future will be our priorities when you become a client of Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A.

Invest in a strong defense and take a stand for your future. Schedule an initial consultation by calling us at 954-355-7286 or sending an email inquiry.