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4 things a defense attorney can do in drug trafficking cases

Defense attorneys have an important job. Since no two drug crime cases are exactly the same, an experienced defense attorney knows that it's critical to look at every aspect of a drug case in order to craft a solid defense strategy.

Here are some of the things that a defense attorney can do for you if you've been charged with drug trafficking:

How much does a Florida DUI raise your auto insurance rates?

As a resident of Florida facing a driving under the influence charge, you may have serious concerns about the consequences and how a conviction may otherwise impact many aspects of your life. A Florida DUI conviction typically brings with it substantial penalties. While some of these penalties come from the state’s criminal justice system, there are also serious consequences that come from outside of it.

More specifically, while Florida’s first-time DUI offenders may have to pay fines, serve time, perform community service and surrender their licenses, they will also typically face certain hardships relating to crimes that come from outside the justice system. One such hardship you will almost surely face following a DUI conviction, per Insure.com, is a sharp increase in automotive insurance costs.

Could your loved one be addicted to opioids?

Many authorities feel the current opioid addiction crisis that's sweeping the country is a man-made problem. It started a few decades ago when the drug companies assured doctors and patients alike that opioid pain relievers like oxycontin carried a low risk of addiction.

We now know that's not true. Numerous people have become addicted to prescription painkillers as a result of doctors prescribing them too often, for too many reasons and for far too long. According to the 2017 figures from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, some 11.4 million people have misused prescription opioids. Forty percent of opioid-related deaths involve a prescription.

Understanding the law restoring felon voting rights in Florida

Laws change all the time at the local, state and federal level. This may make it hard to keep track of new statutes and stay on the right side of the legal system. 

There are numerous new Florida laws in effect in 2019 that cover a multitude of issues, from felon voting rights to the minimum wage. The new law restoring voting rights to felons is perhaps one of the biggest landmark pieces of legislation in the history of the nation. More than five million citizens voted in favor of this measure, which is more votes than any candidate received.

How to handle it when police ask to search your car

An ordinary traffic stop can be the start of big trouble. All it takes is one simple question from the officer such as, "Is there anything in this vehicle that might get you into trouble?"

Frankly, the officer hopes that you'll either be so nervous that you'll admit that you have something illegal on you or that you'll tell the officer to look around, hoping that the officer won't actually take you up on it.

Florida man faces hate crime charge for waving gun, yelling slurs

What does it mean to be charged with a hate crime in Florida? What exactly is a hate crime?

Many people are still unaware of Florida's hate crime laws or don't understand the implications of being involved in a hate crime. While many crimes are the result of rash actions without a lot of forethought, knowing exactly what kind of trouble you might be stepping into can help you make better choices -- the kind of choices that would have helped a 51-year-old Florida man on this past Martin Luther King Day.

Treatment, not incarceration, may resolve the opioid epidemic

The opioid crisis takes far too many lives. Two-thirds of the drug overdose deaths in America are because of opioids. The number of opioid overdose deaths in 2016 was approximately 43,000. Swift and effective actions are necessary to stop this epidemic from spreading. 

There are some pieces of good news such as Congress and the President allocating $3.3 billion to address the problem. However, the money is only helpful if it funds the right methods. 

Could drunk driving limits soon be lowered?

If you're a bit older, you may remember the time when each state had its own blood alcohol limit for drunk driving. You may even remember a time when it was more commonly .10, which is significantly higher than the standard .08 that is used today.

Well, get ready, because the landscape is changing once again for drivers and the rules may soon be even more restrictive. Utah has just become the first state to drop its blood alcohol content (BAC) limit for drivers down to .05.

How a friend's overdose can lead to murder charges

Really good friends share just about everything -- including, sometimes, their drugs. These days, however, sharing your pain medication or the pills that you managed to buy from a local dealer with a friend can lead to murder charges if that friend happens to overdose.

For a long time, law enforcement agencies tended to consider drug overdose deaths as largely accidental in nature. Absent evidence to the contrary, they were a tragic mistake -- but there was nothing criminal about it.

The right to remain silent during a DUI stop

Most people are aware of the Miranda warning. When the police arrest someone, they typically inform them of their Miranda rights, which includes the right to remain silent.

In the event the police pull you over on suspicion of DUI, you need to know what you can and cannot say. You need to separate fact from fiction to protect your rights.

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