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Is addiction to prescription drugs in your genes?

Why do some people occasionally flirt with street drugs during college or parties but never fall prey to addiction? Why are some people able to easily wean themselves off of painkillers once they recover from an injury while others become addicted to pills?

The National Institute of Health (NIH) classifies addiction as a disease -- and like any other disease, some people have a higher chance of developing the disease than others. Addiction is a disease that alters a victim's brain chemistry -- which is why addicts are never really finished with their addiction and always run the risk of a relapse.

High-profile cases cause distrust in justice system

How much do you believe that the American criminal justice system treats everyone fairly, regardless of their wealth, social status or race? If you're not a big believer that everyone gets equal treatment under the law these days, you aren't alone. In particular, if you think that the rich and famous get better treatment than the poor and anonymous, you're definitely not alone.

Even worse, you may be right. The argument that money and class often play a large role in who sits in prison for months or years waiting on a trial and who is able to post their bail, continue their jobs and live their lives while their cases are pending is not new. It's a major reason that many states and government officials are pushing to end the cash bail system -- or, at least, drastically revise it.

Criminal justice reform is becoming hot topic for 2020 election

Immigration, the environment, the economy, the growing national deficit, Social Security and health care are all hot topics for the 2020 presidential contenders to address. Now, however, they need to turn to one more. Criminal justice reforms that need to take place nationally in order to create a genuinely fair system for all.

One of the biggest topics to hit the national spotlight is the proposal to end the cash-bail system (or, at the very least, severely restrict it). In 2017, nearly two-thirds of the people sitting in county and city jails were prisoners who had yet to be convicted of crimes. The vast majority were stuck there simply because they simply were too poor to afford the bail needed to go home and continue their lives while they awaited trial.

Prescription drugs were subject to an accused trafficking ring

The war on drugs takes many types of casualties. Many commentators and observers continue to document the blight of opioid drugs on communities across Florida and the rest of the United States.

Unfortunately, millions of people still have legitimate access to and uses for pain-killing medications. In their rush to rid the streets of illegal drugs, law enforcement authorities may end up catching some of the wrong people.

Hostile divorces, bitter custody battles and allegations of abuse

Is your spouse a toxic individual who will stop at nothing to gain the upper hand in your custody battle? Is your custody battle leading to more and more extreme allegations from your spouse that go to the very heart of your ability to parent and your moral fiber?

Watch out: You may be the target of false allegations of sexual abuse involving your children.

Should Big Pharma be held liable for opioid epidemic?

There is no doubt that the opioid epidemic is having a terrible impact on Florida and across the country. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the rate of fatal opioid overdoses in Florida is increasing, especially in cases involving fentanyl. Even when opioid abuse does not cause deaths, it can result in life-changing addictions, health issues, financial problems and legal consequences.

This crisis is leading many to consider holding pharmaceutical companies responsible, including several presidential candidates. 

Can you drive after one drink?

Everyone knows that drunk driving is illegal and dangerous, yet many people do not think the law applies to them because they are not completely wasted. They are not staggering about after only one or two drinks, so it should mean they are good to drive, right?

Unfortunately, that logic is incorrect. Impairment from intoxication is a complex process that depends on numerous factors. Therefore, it is not safe to say you can drive after only consuming one alcoholic beverage for the following reasons.

False confessions: Why they happen

Why on earth, knowing the potential consequences, would someone confess to a crime they haven't committed?

Would it shock you to find out that 27% of homicide defendants who were later exonerated and listed on the National Registry of Exonerations confessed to the murder they were accused of committing?

When your only real offense is 'driving while black'

In order to pull over a car to look for a drunk or drugged driver, an officer has to have something known as probable cause.

In other words, there has to be a valid reason for the authorities to stop your car in the first place. They can't just randomly stop a car whenever they feel like it (although drunk driving checkpoints are another matter entirely). They also can't just randomly decide who to check for drunk driving or who might be carrying drugs in their vehicle or committing some other sort of crime.

Can you carry CBD oil or other products in Florida?

There's a ton of confusion out there regarding marijuana products -- especially CBD (cannabidiol) oil. Both THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD are cannabinoids derived from the marijuana plant, but CBD doesn't give users a "high" like THC. CBD products, including oils, are appearing everywhere these days -- some with and some without small amounts of THC.

And that could be a problem in Florida. Here's why:

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