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Right False Accusations With The Help Of Your Attorney

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2015 | Sex Crimes

False accusations of sex crimes can impact your life in many ways. Friends or family members may question you or your motives; your coworkers or employer may dislike being associated with your new reputation, which could lead to you being let go from your job. You could find yourself expelled from school or a university, or you could be in the middle of a difficult legal battle to protect your rights, all while the media slanders your good name.

Why do these false accusations happen? It could be because you decided not to be with someone you dated, for instance. Maybe you slept together, and he or she felt shunned, so the other person started making allegations against you. Retaliation is one reason people make these allegations, and even though they’re lies, your reputation can still be seriously damaged.

As someone fighting for your reputation, it’s important to allow your attorney to help you. You don’t have to say anything to police until your attorney is present, and you can work through your story to find ways to deny the charges that make sense and disprove the other person’s allegations. The sooner you can stop these charges and prevent the media from getting your information, the better. Even if you are eventually proven innocent, the damage done to your name can be enough to make it difficult for you in work, at home and in social circles.

Our website has information on what to do if you’re accused of a sex crime. You don’t have to work through this situation alone.