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Committed To Helping Those Individuals Facing The Might Of The DOJ

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Felonies

As we’ve discussed on our blog, the Department of Justice has adopted what could be termed as a more reasonable approach toward drug crimes over the last year, deciding to essentially change course regarding non-violent, low-level drug offenders.

As admirable and encouraging as this about-face has been, it’s incredibly important for people to understand that it in no way means that federal officials have somehow become more lenient in their prosecution of drug crimes.

Indeed, the truth is that outside of this very limited context, federal law enforcement officials have in no way abandoned their efforts to punish people to the full extent of the law whether its drug crimes, online gambling, white collar crimes, Internet crimes or any other offense.

This is significant, of course, as the stakes are much higher in federal court for defendants than they are in state court. That’s because convictions can result in mandatory minimum sentencing, major fines and limited probation opportunities.

At Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A., we have extensive experience in the federal court system, handling cases not just here in Florida, but across the United States. This means that our attorneys have the knowledge, confidence and skill needed to prepare and present a strong defense designed to protect your rights and prove your innocence.

No matter the types of federal charges you are facing, our attorneys will always take the time to guide you through the entire process, from explaining the law and addressing all of your concerns to discussing our strategies and ensuring that you are being treated fairly throughout the legal process.

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