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What Happens If I Violate My Probation In Florida?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2016 | Drug Charges

If you are convicted of a drug offense, you very well may be sentenced to jail time, probation or both. While probation may seem to be much more preferable than jail time, it is still something that needs to be taken seriously.

Too many people see probation as a “get out of jail free” card; it is not. While probation can mean that you won’t spend any or as much time in jail for offenses like drug possession or sales, there are very strict terms of probation and violating these terms comes with harsh penalties.

To begin with, you should understand some of the terms with which you may be required to comply if you are placed on probation. These can include abstaining from drugs and alcohol, regularly checking in with your probation officer, paying restitution, submitting to random testing and avoiding contact with certain people.

If you violate these or other terms set by the court, or if there is reason to believe you did, law enforcement agents can arrest you and you will be back in court.

If this happens and the courts determine that you have violated your probation, your probation could be revoked, extended or modified. Further, in accordance with Florida statutes, your originally-imposed sentence could be reinstated. What this means is that you could end up serving your original sentence in addition to any time that may be ordered for the probation violation. The courts can also tack on additional terms of your probation.

Considering how seriously the courts and law enforcement agents take probation, you would be wise to do the same. Discussing the possibility of probation and potential or existing compliance issues with your attorney can help you avoid costly mistakes and protect your freedom and your future.