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6 Students In Florida School Facing Felony Charges

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2016 | Felonies, Uncategorized

Six students at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, school have been charged with a felony. One is facing grand theft of a motor vehicle and the other five are facing aggravated battery for beating up another student.

The incident began when one student allegedly stole a teacher’s car keys, taking her vehicle for a joy ride. The student, 13, only made it a few hundred feet before he left the vehicle. Several staff members at William Dandy Middle school saw the teen getting into the vehicle. The School Resource Officer tried to catch it, but he later found the vehicle empty, but running. The SRO found the 13-year-old close by. His pants were ripped, apparently from going over fences trying to get away.

The next day, the SRO heard a commotion coming from an office area. When he went to out to see what was going on, he found five students allegedly beating another student. The student had been stabbed twice in his leg. A girl, 15, allegedly had a pocket knife. She reportedly admitted to stabbing the other student because he “snitched” about the car theft.

When a juvenile is facing felony charges, it’s important that his or her parents are involved in the process. Juvenile court operates differently in many cases from adult criminal court. A conviction for a felony crime can have a significant effect on your child’s future. An attorney who is experienced in dealing with juvenile felony cases can provide advice and guidance. This can help you understand how the case will proceed and what the potential penalties are.