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Dealing With A False Rape Accusation

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Sex Crimes

When someone is arrested on a sex crime charge, it immediately begins to affect his or her life. Even if the case doesn’t result in a conviction, simply being accused of such a crime can affect someone’s relationships with family and friends, his or her job and his or her overall reputation. A false accusation must be defended against, and aggressively so. Experienced criminal defense attorneys will work to present evidence that disputes such a charge and show that their clients are not guilty.

What kinds of defenses can be used against false rape charges? Someone who has been accused of rape can’t offer evidence that the alleged victim is or has been promiscuous. A psychological examination of the alleged victim can’t be requested by the defense, either. There is no longer a requirement for someone who is accused of rape to hear any evidence other than the alleged victim’s word.

Medical experts can be very important for the defense in rape trials. Showing that the alleged victim had lied is important. There is a need for the defense case to be thoroughly organized and to present the evidence coherently.

At the law office of Michael A Gottlieb PA, we will aggressively defend our clients accused of sexual assault and other sex crimes. We know the importance of presenting a strong defense strategy and we put our experience and skill to work to create such a strategy.

To learn more about sex crime charges such as rape and how to create a strong defense, take a look at our webpages on the subject.