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How Florida Tackles Prescription Drug Abuse And Violations

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Prescription Drug Violations

If you violate the law by selling prescription medications, giving them to friends, or by doctor shopping to obtain more for your own addiction, you need to defend yourself from the moment of your arrest. This is a serious crime, and Florida has been cracking down on offenders.

How does Florida deal with prescription drug abuse?

The state has enacted several laws to help reduce prescription drug abuse, and combined with law enforcement agency assistance, these laws can be enforced to protect those who could be influenced by prescription drug abuse.

Why did Florida crack down on prescription drug offenses?

It wasn’t long ago that Florida was known for its “pill mills.” These mills were groups where people could go to get prescription medications on the black market. The state decided that it was time to crack down on these sales. By 2011, the number of prescription drug-related deaths had dropped in the state, and the number of deaths related to oxycodone use had gone down by around 17 percent. Most interestingly is that there are no longer doctors from the state listed on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list for physicians who purchase the most oxycodone in the United States.

How does Florida fight this abuse?

Florida fights prescription drug abuse with a program specially designed to monitor the sale and purchase of these drugs. Its main purpose is to find people who are doctor shopping to obtain prescriptions and stop them. It also aims to stop physicians who give out too many prescriptions for painkillers. In any case involving doctor shopping or selling these drugs, those accused could be facing heavy penalties.