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What Kinds Of Drug Crimes Are There?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2016 | Prescription Drug Violations

There are several different kinds of prescription drug crimes that can be committed. The main three include possession, distribution and use. If you’re accused of any of these crimes in Florida, it’s important to look into your legal options immediately. Your reputation is on the line, and your attorney may be able to help you successfully defend yourself.

What is a possession crime?

A possession crime simply means that you were in possession of drugs when you were stopped by police. Whether you’re a doctor, patient or other party, if the prescription medication you have on hand isn’t for you, then you can be in trouble for carrying it. The same is true of illicit drugs; possessing them is against the law except in very particular situations. There are defenses for this crime, like if you didn’t know you had the drug on hand or if you were with the person whose drugs you had, especially if you were carrying a prescription for them.

What is a drug distribution crime?

Drug distribution is a crime in which you intend to sell or distribute drugs. Often, transporting drugs can also be a factor and could be a separate charge. You could face heavier penalties if you distribute drugs near schools or on governmental property.

What is a drug use crime?

Drug use crimes are charged after you’re found using drugs illegally. If you’re discovered taking someone else’s prescriptions or using illegal drugs, this charge could be used against you. A charge for drug use normally comes alongside a possession charge unless you aren’t in possession of any additional drugs at the time of an arrest or search.