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Even Small Details Matter In Broward County Drug Cases

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Drug Charges

Almost everyone in Ft. Lauderdale knows that I-95 is a major drug corridor. This means that law enforcement officers are likely to come down hard on people who they think have drugs in their vehicles or in their possession. This preconceived thought could lead to some erroneous drug charges being placed on people who actually didn’t have any drugs.

Whether your drug charges are valid or erroneous, you have the right to a defense. You should learn about the options that you have before you make any decisions about your case. We can look into your case and let you know the options we see for you. This is information you can use as you decide what you are going to do.

It is important to consider every point that is present in the case. If you stopped along I-95 or any other roadway, the reason for the stop could be a factor in your defense. Other considerations would be whether a search and seizure was legal or not, any civil rights violations, notification of your rights and other points. We will look into each of these points to determine how they might be useful in a defense.

You are facing some serious penalties for drug charges in Broward County. You shouldn’t try to ignore these charges or present a lax defense. Instead, use your time and energy wisely. Try to build your defense and take steps toward proving you aren’t guilty or even toward minimizing the penalties you have to live with if you think you will likely be convicted.