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Understand Prescription Drug Charges And When They Can Be Levied

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2017 | Drug Charges

The case of the doctor who was charged with illegally dispensing drugs that was recently discussed on this blog brings up the importance of understanding prescription drug crimes. These crimes aren’t always committed in the ways that you might think of when you think about drug crimes. There are some very interesting points to understand about prescription drug crimes.

It is possible to face prescription drug charges even if you obtain a prescription from a doctor. The crime would occur if you doctor shop, which means that you visit several different doctors with the intent of obtaining prescription drugs from each doctor. Even a visit to a pain clinic might be considered doctor shopping in some cases because of the lax regulations regarding medication monitoring in Florida.

Altering prescriptions is another act that could lead to criminal charges. This could include increasing the quantity of pills to be distributed or changing the number of refills for a prescription. Essentially, any changes made to a prescription without the prescribing doctor making the change can lead to charges.

Other actions could also lead to prescription drug charges. Taking someone else’s prescriptions, buying prescription medications from an individual and purchasing prescriptions from the internet can all lead to charges being levied.

There are several different things that might lead a person to do things that constitute criminal acts involving prescription drugs. Addiction, a need to make money and a misunderstanding about prescription drug laws can all lead to these actions. If you are facing charges like this, you should make sure that you fully understand the elements of the charges and your case. This can give you the basic information needed to get your defense going.