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Why Is Drunk Driving So Severely Punished In Florida?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2017 | Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a serious problem on the roads today, and if you’ve been accused of it, you should know that you need to defend yourself right away. The severity of accidents involving drunk drivers is one of the reasons why it’s looked down on so much, and there are many laws that can impact you if you’re convicted. Even if you are not convicted, the time you spend waiting to go through the charges and trial could affect your reputation and even cost you your job.

How many drunk driving accidents happen in Florida?

In 2014, there were 797 drunk driving fatalities making up .27 percent of all traffic deaths. This influences drunk driving regulations because the state has actually seen an increase in fatalities of 14.8 percent from the previous year. There were 31,783 DUI arrests and another 26,291 convictions that year.

Why is society so determined to reduce drunk driving?

When a person drinks and drives, there are a number of financial impacts it has on society as a whole. Drunk driving fatalities cost the United States around $3.5 billion yearly, as of the 2014 Mothers Against Drunk Driving report. The report also showed that there were 113,076 third-time offenders arrested in 2014 and another 11,681 fifth-time offenders.

Drunk driving is a risk for everyone involved, including yourself. There are a number of reasons your tests may have come back positive when you were not intoxicated, so it’s important to defend yourself and to discuss your case with a professional. With the right help, you can work to have your case dismissed or to have penalties reduced.