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Common Misconceptions About Medical Marijuana

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Drug Possession

There are some major misconceptions about marijuana that are causing some patients in Broward who qualify to use it legally to question their treatment options. These stigmas make it harder for them to benefit from the use of this substance to manage their conditions. These misconceptions also cause some patients to suffer unfairly from consequences that infringe on their legal right to use medical marijuana. Anyone who is in the process of qualifying or already has their medical marijuana card should make themselves aware of these misconceptions so they can protect their rights.

Increase in traffic accidents

Many people who oppose marijuana use for medicinal purposes believe that it causes an increase in traffic accidents and criminal behavior. However, a recent study by researchers at Columbia University shows that medical marijuana can have a positive impact on car accident trends and criminal activity. Many people who use medical marijuana in states where it is legalized are more likely to avoid the public and driving their vehicles, and stay in their homes until the effects have worn off. Also, areas that have dispensaries tend to have more law enforcement personnel to maintain public safety nearby.

Anyone can use and possess it

Marijuana is legal for eligible patients to use for medicinal purposes, but that does not mean that anyone who is ill or interested in it has the right to possess it. People who are in the process of applying must meet certain eligibility requirements, such as waiting a period of 90-days and getting treatment recommendations from qualified physicians. This process is to prevent abuse and unauthorized access. However, some terminally ill patients are not able to benefit from this form of treatment because they do not live long enough to satisfy the eligibility requirements.

Unfavorable judgment from peers

Many people who can benefit from medical marijuana avoid applying because they fear adverse judgment from their peers and society. There is growing evidence that shows marijuana has many benefits that are often overlooked by the public and medical communities. This fear makes it challenging for many doctors to discuss medical marijuana treatment options with their patients.

Also, many physicians who are not too familiar with their patients’ conditions do not recommend it even though it has far fewer side effects than many popular medications. Instead, they recommend other drugs and treatment options that can cause more debilitating symptoms. There are also physicians who do not want to associate their image and business with the substance.

There are still some challenges the medical marijuana industry needs to overcome to put an end to many of the misleading and negative misconceptions circulating about. It is still a crime for anyone who is in the process of qualifying for a medical marijuana card to possess and use this substance. A person who is dealing with a legal matter that involves marijuana should speak to an attorney to discuss the situation.