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Cookie Monster Stopped For Smuggling Drugs In The U.S.

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Drug Trafficking

This piece of news is something different that not many can say they’ve heard before. A report stated that police found cocaine stuffed inside a Cookie Monster doll. While it’s common to find drugs stashed in a number of different items, this item shocked police in Florida.

Today, a man from Key West, 39, is in jail following the discovery. He had the doll on him when he was stopped by police. They had stopped him for having an obscured license plate and tinted windows that made it difficult to see inside the vehicle.

While the police can’t usually search a vehicle, the deputy in this case claims to have had just cause because he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. After searching the vehicle, he found a backpack with a Cookie Monster doll inside.

When the officer realized that the doll was far heavier than it should have been, he cut a slit in it to reveal two bags of cocaine totaling around 314 grams. As a result of the discovery, the man has been charged with trafficking in cocaine.

This case is unique, but it does draw some questions about how the police’s investigation was completed. In your case, if you believe your vehicle was searched improperly, you may have a good defense that could help you have the evidence withheld from court. Every case is different, so even if you can’t have the evidence withheld, there may still be steps you can take to protect yourself and have the charges filed against you lowered or dropped.