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What Are The Long-Term Consequences Of DUIs?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | Drunk Driving

DUIs have long-term consequences that extend beyond jail time or a fine. Interestingly, many extremely conscientious drivers do end up with DUIs, which ruin their clean driving records. These individuals aren’t bad people, but as a result of a bad decision, they may have several long-term consequences to deal with.

A DUI conviction’s most obvious consequence is that your criminal record now has a mark. Depending on the kind of DUI you faced, you may have a felony or misdemeanor conviction on your record. In either case, you may face time in jail or a heavy fine for your actions.

Beyond the fines and jail time, people sometimes face higher car insurance premiums, a driver’s license suspension, court-mandated community service or a requirement to get help for substance abuse. Even with these penalties, others, like being unable to drive to work or school, influence your life, too. Unfortunately, even after you follow through with what the courts want you to do, you may have many years of trouble ahead of you. Being unable to drive could result in the loss of your job. A conviction makes it harder to find a new one. Missing classes because of not having a license could mean you can’t get the degree you want. Even worse, some professional licenses can be taken away if you get a DUI.

If you are a parent with child custody issues, a DUI could put your visitation or custody at risk. Higher auto insurance rates could also make it hard to afford insurance, so it’s more difficult for you to pick up your child or to provide for yourself.