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Florida Highway Patrol To Be On High Alert During The Holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Drunk Driving

If you’re planning to drive during the holidays this year, be prepared to see more Florida Highway Patrol officers on the roads. The Florida Highway Patrol has reported that it will be spending more time on the roads during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays in response to the growing risk of drunk driving.

Tourists make their way down to Florida during this busy time of year, so it’s also a concern that the roads will be congested. Combined with dangerous drivers, that could lead to serious crashes, injuries and deaths. Since you’re already familiar with the roads, you may think that means you can find ways around the increased traffic or avoid the police, but that’s no the case.

Troopers are looking for more than just drunk drivers, and they’re not only going to be in a few places along the highway. They’re planning to be out in full force. They’re looking for those who are speeding, checking their phones and falling asleep behind the wheel. They’re looking for those with road rage and impatient drivers who are making mistakes. Impaired driving is a focus, because drinking is often a part of holiday festivities.

The Florida Highway Patrol wants people to know that there are better options than driving drunk or tired. Using the Tow to Go program through the American Automobile Association or using ride-sharing services are just a few. Opting to use those could prevent serious crashes that end up hurting you, a loved one or another party, which prevents you from going to jail for drunk driving.