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Who Are The Real Victims Of The Opioid Crisis?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2018 | Prescription Drug Violations

As someone facing a drug charge, you may feel it’s largely unfair. You hadn’t taken drugs in the past, but after your doctor prescribed you opioids, you were hooked. When your prescription ran out, you couldn’t get more.

You ended up doing what many people have. You turned to those selling drugs to get your pills to avoid withdrawal. Unfortunately, that’s illegal.

Now, if you’re facing prescription drug crimes, you may end up being charged fines or go to prison. Your story is just one like many others that have taken place after prescription medications began the current opioid crisis.

The opioid crisis is largely a result of doctors prescribing medications too often for patients. The pain medications have a risk of dependency and addiction, and many patients ended up unable to stop their use.

In these cases, it’s the so-called criminal who is really a victim. Many people facing penalties today never would have taken up using drugs if not for the prescriptions they were put on. This can work to your advantage in court.

The courts don’t want to see good people in prison. Their goal is to get people back to work as contributing members of society. Being in jail or prison costs taxpayers money, but not having to take up that space reduces costs overall. This is a key component to your case, because you can seek drug treatment in lieu of jail or prison in some instances. This can keep you out from behind bars and help you get off the medications that have taken over your life.