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Prescription Drugs Were Subject To An Accused Trafficking Ring

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Prescription Drug Violations

The war on drugs takes many types of casualties. Many commentators and observers continue to document the blight of opioid drugs on communities across Florida and the rest of the United States.

Unfortunately, millions of people still have legitimate access to and uses for pain-killing medications. In their rush to rid the streets of illegal drugs, law enforcement authorities may end up catching some of the wrong people.

Large conspiracies to gain access to and distribute drugs illegally can blur lines between the guilty and the innocent or unknowing participants. Seven people were recently arrested as part of an alleged prescription drug trafficking ring. The attorney general in Tallahassee claims patients were recruited to get opioids under false pretenses at a variety of Sunshine State pharmacies so they could be illegally sold.

One of the people arrested was a pharmacist who was allegedly participating by delivering prescriptions of oxycodone and oxymorphone to members of the supposed ring. Suspects are facing among other charges the charge of conspiracy to traffic drugs, which involves two or more people in an agreement to sell or transport illegally obtained drugs.

Suspects have been questioned or even arrested without knowing that a prescription was illegitimate or without the intent of illegally distributing drugs meant for their own use. This is why it is important to retain legal representation if you are a person of interest or a suspect in a case involving prescription drugs.

Always remember that people are entitled to legal representation at any time in dealings with police, prosecutors or a court. No one should have to deal with drug charges alone.