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Can a drug conviction impact a business or professional license?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Criminal Law

In Florida, being convicted for drug crimes can lead to severe penalties. That might include fines and jail time. The duration will hinge on the crime itself, whether it is a felony and other factors. Additionally, it can result in the person having a negative perception in the community and hinder their personal and professional lives.

For some, their business or professional license can be suspended or revoked due to a drug-related conviction. The prospect of the criminal penalties along with the professional consequences make a drug charge daunting from the start. This raises the importance of crafting a strong legal defense to fight the charges.

When might a professional or business license be suspended for drug convictions?

Those who are convicted of selling or trafficking a controlled substance or for conspiracy to do so will be categorized as having posed a danger to public health, safety or welfare. This will be sufficient for the licensing state agency to dispense discipline.

The conviction is reported to the Comprehensive Case Information System of the Florida Association of Court Clerks and Comptrollers, Inc. The professional license that had been issued will be immediately suspended. There are steps that must be taken to have the license reactivated or reinstated.

The license can be reinstated once they have completed their sentence and their civil rights have been restored. They might also be obligated to take part in drug treatment and rehabilitation or have regular urine tests to see if they are using drugs.

Drug charges are serious and a strong defense requires experienced help

When people are facing allegations of drug crimes, they will understandably think about the worst consequences of a conviction. That will include jail and hefty fines. It is also wise to know how it can damage them professionally.

In many careers, people need a professional or business license to ply their trade. Without it, they are unable to work. This can make a difficult situation even worse. Knowing how a conviction can inhibit a person’s work adds another reason to look at the case and try to find avenues to reach a positive outcome.

Perhaps the evidence was questionable, it was a misunderstanding or the accused person did not break the law at all. Discussing the circumstances with experienced and compassionate criminal law professionals can assess the evidence and decide on a strategy for a defense. Calling as soon as possible is key.