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Increasing allegations of identity theft plague Florida

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - White Collar Crimes

As Floridians and people across the nation adapt to the new landscape where their personal information is kept online and available at the click of a button, various forms of white collar crimes are drawing greater scrutiny. One is identity theft and fraud.

This is generally viewed from the perspective of the person who claims they were a victim of ID theft. However, those who are accused should also understand the prevalence of allegations that identities were stolen and be prepared to create a criminal defense. This is key because the penalties for these crimes can be severe if there is a conviction.

Researchers find that the Southern part of the U.S. is a hotbed for ID theft

According to researchers from Upgraded Points, South Florida has the highest amount of ID theft when compared to other metro areas. This has been a problem in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. For every 10,000 residents, there were more than 87 occurrences of ID theft. There was a spike of nearly 3% in 2022 when compared to 2021.

Researchers used government data to make the analysis. This began to worsen during the health crisis. Still, it had been on the rise for the previous two decades as people adapted to using online sources for their everyday needs, leaving their information vulnerable.

Strategies used by people who are said to have committed ID theft include text messages to get information like credit card numbers, bank account numbers and Social Security numbers. Some just use simple phone calls.

In Florida, more than one-quarter of fraud claims were related to ID theft in 2022. For the rest of the nation, it was slightly above 21%. Surprisingly, younger people between 20 and 29 comprised 43% of victims. Older people aged 70 to 79 came to 23%.

People charged with ID theft or other white collar crimes have options

Those facing charges of ID theft and other similar forms of white collar crimes might wonder how this information can benefit them to fight the case. Since so many people are having their identities stolen and facing other forms of financial crimes, it is easy for people to get caught up in allegations that they have committed these acts. Forging a comprehensive defense is essential.

Often, people working at a business that is under investigation find themselves caught up in this type of case. They might not have known what was happening or could have been simply going about their job thinking nothing was amiss. Regardless of the circumstances, it is essential to have help. Contacting honest and direct professionals who are experienced in white collar crimes can be crucial to the case.