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Justice Department going after PPP fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | CRIMINAL DEFENSE - Federal Crimes, CRIMINAL DEFENSE - White Collar Crimes

For many, the global health emergency of the past few years may seem like a fading memory. We move forward with life, but for some Americans, problems with the justice system persist. The federal government is still issuing charges and sentences for alleged crimes involving the Paycheck Protection Program.

PPP refresher

The federal government, to help small businesses pay their staff during supply chain issues and unprecedented business slowdowns, created the Paycheck Protection Program as a stopgap. But, after approving many applications for the program, now retrospectively, the Department of Justice is now charging many individuals with alleged wire fraud crimes relating to the PPP program.

From charges to convictions

For example, recently, 17 individuals were charged with wire fraud in connection to alleged PPP fraud in 2020. All 17 individuals related to the same workplace and face possible loss of their employment in relation to their charges, even before they are convicted.

On the other side of the criminal case spectrum, a local man was recently sentenced to serve time in prison and home detention for reportedly committing wire fraud. In addition to the prison sentence, the man was also ordered to return funds received from the federal government.

Final thoughts

Because the government is still investigating reports of fraud, more charges for individuals are expected. If the government has time to prepare fraud cases, and you are worried you might be charged, just remember you retain rights and there are steps between charges and convictions that can help protect your rights.