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Creating a defense against mail and wire fraud allegations

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | CRIMINAL LAW - Criminal Law

Because communication goes beyond talking in person, criminal charges that rely on specific conversations encompass all forms of communication. What is transmitted through electronic communication or sent through the mail could connect an individual to a crime. As a result, additional federal charges could result.

Both mail and wire fraud charges could result in significant criminal penalties; thus, it is imperative that those accused take the matter seriously. A criminal defense is available, and by taking timely and well-informed steps, this could help reduce or even dismiss the charges altogether.

Mail and wire fraud

At Michael A Gottlieb, P.A., our law firm knows firsthand how quickly individuals are hit with wire and mail fraud charges when facing other financial fraud charges. Whether it is bank fraud, tax avoidance, securities fraud or money laundering, prosecution will search for ways to add mail fraud, wire fraud or both to the existing charges.

With regards to mail fraud, this occurs when the mail is specifically used in the alleged scheme that is designed to defraud a person of money or their property. This charge could occur regardless of how the mail was sent. This means it could have been sent through the U.S. mail or a private carrier.

A wire fraud charge is based on the usage of electronic communication, such as a phone, email or fax, during a fraudulent scheme. For example, wire fraud could be tied to an internet fraud scheme or a tax evasion scheme with e-filed returns.

Defense options

Each time the alleged scheme is referred to or furthered by mail or wire, a criminal count is charged. This means an individual could face several counts of mail or wire fraud. This can quickly turn into a serious and complex matter, requiring a serious and strategic approach when creating a criminal defense.

A legal professional can help you assess the details of the matter and the evidence collected. With further investigation, you can uncover different defense options that could help you reduce or even dismiss some or all the charges against you. Thus, it is important to take a timely and aggressive approach to these and any criminal allegations.