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Drug Possession In Florida

Broward County Drug Crimes Attorney

Arrested for drug possession? You are facing serious penalties! Do not wait to talk with a Broward County drug crimes lawyer about your charges. The sooner you take legal action, the stronger your defense will likely be. Whether you are a first time offender or have a criminal record, it is crucial that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Florida has strict drug laws and enforces severe penalties for any possession crimes. Your charges will depend heavily on the type and amount of drugs you are accused of being in possession of. No matter what level of charges you are facing, make sure you retain seasoned legal representation.

Fighting Your Drug Possession Charges

There are a wide range of drugs that are considered illegal, each carrying different repercussions for possession. Cocaine, marijuana, meth and illegally obtained prescription drugs are all considered controlled substances. If you are found in possession of any amount of these drugs, you may be facing serious charges.

Our Firm Can Help You Fight These Charges With The Following Defenses:

  • You were unaware that any drugs were in your possession
  • A friend borrowed your vehicle, house or clothing that the drugs were found in
  • Police officers performed an illegal search and seizure
  • You had a legal prescription for the drugs
  • Your rights were violated in any way during the arrest process

If you can prove that you were not associated with the drugs in your possession or were completely unaware that someone had planted them on you, you may be able to have your charges dropped. Similarly, if you can demonstrate that your friend or acquaintance is the one who likely left the drugs in your home or possession, you may also be able to fight your charges.

Regardless of the circumstances, you need to start building your defense right away. Let Michael A. Gottlieb review your charges today and help you fight your case.

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