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Broward County Deputy Arrested On Drug Charges After Hit-And-Run

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2016 | Drug Possession

A Florida sheriff’s deputy was arrested recently after he was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident. The Broward Sheriff’s Office said that the 22-year-old deputy side-swiped a vehicle in Pompano Beach. He was driving a Ford Crown Victoria patrol car at the time.

The driver whom the man allegedly hit said that she was slammed from behind, and when she looked at the car that hit her, she saw to her surprise that it was a Broward Sheriff’s Office vehicle. The patrol vehicle had moved two lanes over following the collision.

Allegedly, rather than stopping, the 22-year-old deputy continued down the road. The woman who the officer hit proceeded to follow him, and took down the identification number on his vehicle, and notified authorities.

Investigators went to the officer’s home to check up on him. They found him inside his residence in Pompano Beach. Inside, they allegedly discovered suspected marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The officer was not on duty at the time. He informed officers that he had come home from visiting a friend.

The alleged evidence that officers discovered included a marijuana grinder in the man’s patrol car, marijuana residue in the center console of the patrol car, and a cigarette wrapping paper containing an unknown substance. They also say they found six grams of Adderall, 10 LSD hits, and 21 grams of marijuana, which were on top of the man’s passport.

This officer, who has been with the police department for slightly over a year, will face serious drug charges in court. He will also likely lose his job as a police officer. Already, the charges have resulted in a pay suspension, and the department relieved him of his badge, BSO vehicle and BSO ID.

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