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Ex-Postal Worker Faces 20 Years For Marijuana Possession

On Behalf of | May 18, 2017 | Drug Possession

If you’re found to be in possession of drugs, you could face a number of serious charges. This is true even if you only possess the drugs for a short period of time or to transfer them to another party.

That’s what happened in this case in Florida. The worker involved may now face serious charges for accepting a bribe to redirect parcels. The woman, previously a U.S. Postal Service worker, has been accused of giving an unidentified man an address on her route where drugs could be delivered without being detected.

The 53-year-old woman was arrested and charged with two federal charges. Those charges mean she could face 20 years in prison. The indictment has shown that she is charged with possession with the intent to distribute marijuana.

Although marijuana is legal in some states, it is still not legal for recreational use in Florida. It may not be transferred through the U.S. Postal Service. Transporting drugs in this way is a federal crime, which is why she faces such extreme charges.

The woman lost her job in October, and she is presently a full-time student. It’s not clear if she lost her job due to the investigation into the drug crimes or if the job loss was unrelated. Her case is still under investigation, and she was able to be released on $50,000 in bond.

Cases like this can become tricky for postal workers. Some may be unaware that they are transporting drugs or redirecting parcels, especially if someone else is loading their vehicles. It’s possible to be falsely accused. If that happens to you, your attorney can help protect your rights.