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Fight Back Against Drug Possession Charges In Florida

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2017 | Drug Possession


Drug possession charges in Florida can come with some serious consequences. These charges aren’t ones that you can just ignore and hope that the prosecution decides that they aren’t worth pursuing. Instead, you have to spend time preparing your case.

We understand that the fun lifestyle of the Fort Lauderdale area has many people living a life that is focused on an easy-going existence. In some cases, people might turn to marijuana and other drugs to help them relax and stay chill.

Your drug possession defense has to be focused on the circumstances of your case. We aren’t here to judge the circumstances. Instead, we are here to help you learn about what defense strategies you might be able to employ in your case.

One of the factors that we have to look into is whether your case involves simple possession or if there are extenuating circumstances associated with your charge. For example, we couldn’t handle possession with the intent to deliver or distribute in the same manner as we would a simple possession.

As we are going through your defense, you have to think about the resolution you are working toward. Are you looking for a not guilty finding or do you want to try to minimize the penalties you face? Thinking about this can help us determine the direction of your case.

You have to take an active role in your defense since you are the one who is facing the charges. As your case moves through the criminal justice system, you will have to make decisions about how to move forward. Think carefully about each option that you are presented with because these can all have a significant impact on your future.