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Marijuana Could Put Freshmen Football Contracts At Risk

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Drug Possession

Although marijuana is legal in several states and close to legalization in others, its use can still get you in trouble in Florida. If you know that a drug is still illegal in your state, then you should be aware that other state laws won’t play a role in your case. Only the rules in your state can impact your case in most situations.

Take for example this case involving two freshmen playing football in Florida. The two freshmen have been cited for marijuana possession, which could put their time on the Florida Gator’s football team on the line. One of the two freshmen is facing his second incident in less than a year, while the other faces his first. They were both in possession of marijuana when they were discovered in a residential complex with two small bags of the drug. The officers reported encountering smoke as well.

It was a residential assistant (RA), who reported smelling burnt cannabis at around 12:30 a.m. that day. Police came to the scene after the RA reported the incident, and the two players were confronted.

The second freshmen, who is facing his first incident with marijuana charges, is currently on suspension from the Gators for another unrelated incident involving the misuse of school funds. The coach is allegedly aware of the current situation and has reported that he dealt with it.

The coach will be addressing the incident in the following days. He has previously said that he is aware that players make mistakes and intends to help them move forward.